[Suggestions] chekbok when deleting domain

When deleting a website, it is deleted, but it would be better to put two checkboxes, one where it says delete DNS, another that says Delete mail (which will delete only the mail that is linked to the web domain).
I leave an image of how the popup would be when clicking on delete a web.

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Yo modifiqué a modo personal que cuando se elimine el dominio, pues también elimine el dominio web y el dominio dns, solo me falta implementar ese popup pero seleccionando la base de datos asociada al dominio…

Please use English…

Please not that any changes are lost when you update update HestiaCP.

Also due to the fact that Databases are not linked to the domain it self it is almost impossible to implement.

Es casi imposible hacer lo de eliminar la base de datos vinculada a ese dominio.
SegĂşn mi lĂłgica funcionarĂ­a asĂ­:
Primero que todo cada dominio se le asignará un ID al ser aparcado al Panel.
Al crear una DB abajo tendría un buscador donde selecciones el dominio al cual quieres asignar dicha base, ya al crearla se guardaría en un archivo donde se le asigne un campo llamado domain-id y dicho campo tendía el ID del dominio al cual se le asignó la base de datos, aparte un ID que será dinámico (Lo normal).

Al eliminar un dominio este leerĂ­a el archivo o base de datos.
Si encuentra alguna tabla de domain-id que coincida con el ID del dominio que vas a eliminar,
Este mostrarĂ­a el checkbox el cual Diga: Borrar base de datos, este borrarĂ­a todas las base de datos que tenga el ID del dominio, domain-id para ser especĂ­fico. Espero que hayas entendido mi lĂłgica.


It is almost impossible to do the thing to delete the database linked to that domain. According to my logic it would work like this: First of all, each domain will be assigned an ID when it is parked in the Panel. When creating a DB below you would have a search engine where you select the domain to which you want to assign said database, and when creating it it would be saved in a file where a field called domain-id is assigned and said field had the ID of the domain to which it was assigned the database, apart an ID that will be dynamic (Normal). When deleting a domain it would read the file or database. If it finds any table of domain-id that matches the ID of the domain you are going to delete, This would show the checkbox which Says: Delete database, this would delete all databases that have the domain ID, domain-id to be specific. I hope you have understood my logic.

I would usually suggest create one user per domain. And if you want to delete a domain just delete the user…

For development testing things it work great…

My old feature request to assign domains and webs in an many to many relationship.

That could lead to new features such as staging deployment, WordPress cloning…

I suggested starting with the feature to assign database to web or web to database.

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@Lupu already commented it on the issue report:

  • A database can be used from multiple web domains from the same user or different user
  • web domains can use multiple databases too

So it looks like not even a many-to-many relationship would be enough to cover all the use cases in a reliable manner

Currently, we do not have any focus on such a feature.

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