Switching to Hestia: is NGINX+PHP-fpm worth it over Apache+NGINX

Hi, I’m finally migrating from VestaCP (Apache) with my few Wordpress sites over to HestiaCP. I did a default install on my 1 core+1GB server and the Hestia control panel was taking 30+ seconds for each action.

I’ve now upgraded my server to 4 core+4GB with a clean Linux installation and am about to reinstall HestiaCP, but I’m trying to decide if I should nix Apache this time around and go with NGINX+PHP-fpm instead.

I don’t expect the server to run more than around 15 web sites, mostly Wordpress or React front-end focused small business sites, 20 or so databases, and some light mail and mail forwarding.

I’ve read that NGINX+PHP-fpm is considerably faster and less resource-heavy than Apache+NGINX, but do you think it will be worth it (i.e. the performance increase noticeable enough) over maintaining simpler backward-compatibility and htaccess in my particular case? I figure if I’m going to make the switch, now would be a reasonable time to sort it out.

Pardon me, I haven’t been keeping up with the whole Apache versus NGINX versus LiteSpeed debates that have circulated online over the years, and wanted to ask in the context of Hestia specifically. Thank you.

I have apache2 and nginx and together everything is super fast. I’m not complaining and I have 50 websites on one and 45 on the other, both have Apache and Nginx and it’s great

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