Sync scripts and file using GIT

Do we have a feature or upcoming feature, where we set GIT to sync instead of FTP? Now a days I think that is more required then FTP … I am not sure if this feature is already available. What I see in this feature is

  1. We define GIT Path,
  2. Select Domain.
  3. We set hook in our GIT repo (Webhook in github or gitlab) (We get that URL of hook from Panel.
  4. Give authentication. And now whenever we commit to github it download through webhook.

I can do all this with custom Cron job or custom script, but if panel do this will make it easier.

We’ll discuss this in dev chat, but personaly I don’t think that this is a highly urgent needed feature.

I agree it is not “urgent” but I say it is important. I see this feature in Cpanel and Plesk [never use it though]. Plus it add security as need of FTP can be avoided on server controlled by individual organization.

Just checked the function of the Cpanel…

It seems Cpanel acts as the git repository. Don’t think this is the overloaded route we need to follow.

Agree it would be nice if we can allow limited shell access via GNU Rush ( and then allow the use of svn/git/any other version control via CLI


If you’re looking for an incremental backup, I’ve been using restic to make offsite backups, and it works very well. In my case I’m backing up to Google Drive so I’m running it with rclone as well. Very cool, and it handles all the pruning as well. Just tell it to keep daily copies for the last three days and weekly copies for the last month, and it will figure everything out.
In fact it might be good to use that for internal backups to /backup/, but it would be a massive re-write of the code, so probably not … :slight_smile:

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