Templates/Forum suggestion

Could we have a forum section to share Hestia CP templates we have created? I spent the last month creating one for wordpress that I would love to share. i figure it would be best to have a section for that.

Hi @djav1985

please use the github project to share any code or template related things using a pull request: https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp

So we can discuss and directly implement changes or templates to the project.

I was more meaning as a section to share them for others to use edit or make better but not to be officially included as you could have 16 wordpress nginx templates for 16 different situations.

Like I made one to cache WP for 15 min using nginx and to handle browser cache but not to cause the admin section to cache.

I also have one for multisitesā€¦ But it isnā€™t templates that everyone may want. So I figured a place for ppl to post thiers and what its for.

it also means ppl could make improvements and super good ones could be done on github. or picked by staff for inclusion.

could be done as maybe a section for ppl to post templates, conf and mods they made that are not necessarily something that would be included in HestiaCP but could be useful to some.

@ScIT I vote for this tooā€¦ I think it would be good to have ā€˜custom templatesā€™ subforum section where people can share their custom templates for different CMS/Apps. :+1::+1:


Maybe even custom code in generalā€¦ ?

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I think it also help with the stupid questions and the unrelated to Hestia questions that the development team has to read through on the forum.

Kind of a way for the community to figure their own problems out.

Awesome night so I expanded ways to use Hestia. Creative, ways. And could give the developers a resource they can use to easily implement certain things.