Thank you! + Can't access phpmyadmin

I am brand new to hestia, and I want to express enormous gratitude regarding the very high quality of the panel and documentation. I so appreciate all of the attention to detail and having so much just work upon install. I especially love the extremely robust cli. Thank you!

And now my issue: I can’t access phpmyadmin. I have followed the advice in: Database & phpMyAdmin SSO | Hestia Control Panel

  • This log was not generated: /var/log/{webserver}/domains/{hostname.domain.tld.error.log
  • disabled + reenabled SSO
  • changed the password
  • added client + server ip to allowed list
  • enabled api for all users
  • not behind a firewall or proxy

And I can’t login directly.

Please let me know what else to try.


Hello @evonet,

Add to the list of Allowed ip addresses for API


Strangely, I discovered this issue is only present for the the phpmyadmin primary button as there is no api call embeded in the url. Just hostame.tld/phpmyadmin. The correct api call is added to the urls for individual databases.

Perhaps this is bug…?

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Thanks @sahsanu was already on the list. Please see my followup I just posted. Do you think it’s a bug?

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@sahsanu BTW: I used your GitHub - sahsanu/lectl: Script to check issued certificates by Let's Encrypt on CTL (Certificate Transparency Log) using tool today. Thank you!

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No, it is not a bug. The right way to connect using SSO is using the icon you see on the side of the db name (as you have already discovered).

Regarding the issue of not connecting with user root. phpmyadmin won’t let you connect using root, just create a new user with all privileges but different name and you will be able to connect with that user:

:wink: you are welcome but backlog is a pain, it takes days to see your last issued certificates.


Thanks! So the purpose of the that prominent button is just to display the login modal? Not what I would expect. Perhaps it would make sense to run create that mysql user as “admin” with the same panel password on install (or do that through the admin config section) and display that big phpmyadmin button on the admin level. I would find that useful… But a bit of work for not a lot of payoff.

I would definitely add all of this to the documentation at: Database & phpMyAdmin SSO | Hestia Control Panel

I noticed that!!!

The call to the database is specific so for the main button we. don’t really know what database you want to connect if you are connecting to one…

Thanks @eris . Can we add @sahsanu 's info about root user to the documentation at: Database & phpMyAdmin SSO | Hestia Control Panel . That documentation would have clarified this for me without needing to post. And I’d imagine I’m not the only one that didn’t know exactly how to setup root user for phpmyadmin or might think the primary “phpmyadmin” button might log you in as the current user or not immediately notice the hover over phpmyadmin icons per db. Thanks!

You can always submit a PR for it…

@eris done! thanks for pointing that out. was my first pull request contribution in general. hopefully I did it right!

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