The connection is not private

It is possible that some attackers try to steal your information from (eg, passwords, messages or credit cards). More information

That comes out when you want to enter the Hestia Control Panel for a domain, and be able to manage its options.

for example:

Can you please help me to solve this problem

Known issue you can only use the hostname if you want to avoid the message. It should not really matter…

Excuse my ignorance, but I don’t understand:
Known issue: You can only use the hostname.

What do you mean by that, what do I tell a client, so that they have access to the control panel and create their email accounts and database?

Tell them that have to use the hostname you setup during the installation…

Sorry, I really don’t understand:
If I put: url:, it gives that error

So what url should it be, if they tell me to use the host name,
The host name is that, or am I wrong? is the hostname used during the setup so it should be used

Thank you

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