The difference between %docroot% and %sdocroot%

Hi all. To begin with, let me thank the developers of Hestia Control panel. It looks quite flexible and allowed me almost all I wanted to do to manage a few shared IP domains. Before I used webmin/virtualmin which seemed an overkill for my purposes.

There are few things I was not able to achieve with Hestia. I wanted

  1. Add one more SSL virtual host with non-standard port and own document root for some domain.
  2. Have separate document roots for SSL and non-SSL virtual hosts on some selected domains.

From the available doc I assumed that the SSL 443 virtual host has a document root defined in %sdocroot% which would be pointing to public_shtml and non-SSL 80 resides in %docroot% pointing to public_html. But in real set-up both end up in public_html. Is that intended behaviour? I use apache2-fpm with nginx proxy setup.

In my fresh installation of Hestia 1.3.2 I found that the actual value for %docroot% and %sdocroot% are the same, pointing to public_html.

I created new templates both for apache2 and nginx where used the implicit declaration of the document root: %home%/%user%/web/%domain%/public_shtml.
However this does not help changing document root from public_html.

To make my new virtual host on a non-standard port I added new VirtualHost declaration into SSL template in both apache2 and nginx, added one proxy port for both. That alone did not create one more listening port seen in netstat, but it was seen after I added default virtual host declaration into all IP related configs in /etc/apache2/conf.d. Even I succeeded with that part, but it seems that the process was too complicated. Maybe developers can advice more optimal way?

Also advice on how to split document roots under the same domain would be appreciated.

In older versions of Vesta there was an different folders for http:// and https://. In Hestia “1.0” release or even before it was merged in folder as there is current public_html.

As it doesn’t serve any purpose public_shtml folder will not any created in the next version of Hestia (1.3.3) as we going to drop it. If you are still want to use it use the following command:

Command is…

v-change-web-domain user domain single