The page was not found

I installed everything according to the instructions, opened the ports, connected the domain, but still writes “the page was not found”

Are you sure the domain is pointing to your server?

If you share the domain name we can check it from our side.

I have the same problem


Your server only has these ports open (22, 80 and 443) so seems it is blocking port 8083.


No ports open on your server:

Is this server up and running? If it is, show the output of this command as root:

iptables -S

Also, check if your hosting provider has active the firewall for your server.

opening the port in general did not help

I don’t see it, only see 22, 80 and 443 but not 8083.

22/tcp   open   ssh       syn-ack ttl 43
80/tcp   open   http      syn-ack ttl 43
443/tcp  open   https     syn-ack ttl 43
8443/tcp closed https-alt reset ttl 44
8447/tcp closed unknown   reset ttl 44

hike it doesn’t work, ufw and iptables

If you are using Hestia, disable ufw and restart your server.

ufw disable