There's unusual network activity on the server

Hello; We see unusual network usage on our server with Hestiacp installed, we see band usage that reaches 5 times or even 20 times the normal network traffic at certain intervals. The usage is done from the server to the outside. I thought this problem was caused by an application we installed or incorrect configuration, but when I checked different hestiacp installed servers, I saw the same problem in all of them. What I want to ask is whether there is a hidden application in Hestia that works outside of our control or is it a normal situation. Thank you in advance.

Server 1:

Server 2:

Are you sending your backups offsite using something like rclone? My server has similar spikes when backing up.


Remote backups casuses a lot of those spikes

Also seen if you reboot a server it has the same issue…

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Actually, we don’t do backup, and the time of occurrence does not match, if these spikes occurred at the same time every day, I would think it could be related to a work order or backup.

It could also be a reboot that is messes up the rrd database

I will try to optimize the rrdtool, thank you for your help.