HI need help w time out in myadmin

what wrong on my config?

Check also Apache2 config

some no good here?

To import big files you can do 5 things:

  • whenever you see the timeout, hit refresh page. Sometimes it eventually finishes the import without noticeable errors (I don’t like it)
  • Increase timeout times (I don’t like it)
  • split the database into smaller pieces ( mysqlsplitter gets the job done but it is uncomfortable)
  • import with mysqldump via command line ( this is the best method)
  • if it is WordPress you can also “sudo -u username wp db import database.sql” ( best method for WP)

For a 1mb large it should be no issue

Th…you for help, but my problems from configuratiom. If i use Nginx/fpm-php/Ubuntu 22.04 all good work NO TIME OUT! if change to APACHE+Nginx/fpm-php/Ubuntu 22.04 GET TIME OUT

Then it is a config issue. Do as eris says, change the timeout values

yes, but were config?
prestashop no work too, get server GATEWAY TIME OUT

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