Time To First Bite is 3.5 secs on a fresh server TTFB

Hey folks, I’m testing one script speed and it looks crazy.

Contabo CloudVPS S (4 vcores) with HestiaCP php8.3 has 3.5 sec TTFB.
Namecheap hosting! has 0.5s TTFB

Checked mysql requests - nothing particular, php limits, etc - everything is more than enough.

What’s the deal? Can usual VPS even compete with hosting within even higher price?

3.5 is way to high…

Laravel Project hosted on Hestia with Hetzner:

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Hello Eris, what service have you used to generate that report?
Normally I use https://www.webpagetest.org/, but it generates reports 1 city at a time

Does a lot more but limits the number of test…

For my own servers I use aswell:

To messure it constantly + up / down monitor…

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Thanks Eric, have a good week!

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