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Would it tedious to integrate this in?


The biggest issue it doesn’t work for other users except the admin user as files are created as admin user. It will become an mess. So yes

Tiny file is a pretty nifty file manager in it’s own right, and dropping the tiny file into a website install is dangerous from a security perspective, would be very cool to replace the current file manager with tiny.

The default file editor that comes with Hestia does however do what it needs to do.

There are bugs when trying to edit file types like “file.phtml” it just spawns a download, but there is probably a good secure reason why HestiaCP devs use it.

Overall yes the features of tiny file are great and it would be awesome to have in the backend of HestiaCP.

The list of editable file extensions can be customised in /usr/local/hestia/web/fm/configuration.php

$dist_config['frontend_config']['editable'] = ['.txt', '.css', '.js', '.ts', '.html', '.php', '.py',
        '.yml', '.xml', '.md', '.log', '.csv', '.conf', '.config', '.ini', '.scss', '.sh', '.env', '.example', '.json' ];
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As its only a single file, it probably doesn’t need to be integrated into Hestia. How hard is it to drop a file into a directory on a per-domain basis, as needed?
You’d obviously need to think long and hard about the security implications.


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