TLS not available due to temporary reason

Hi when I try to setup an email account in thunderbird. I get this error “TLS not available due to temporary reason”, when trying to use starttls on smtp. How can I fix it.

Not enough information to reproduce your problem. There are no known issues with dovecot or exim4 on Thunderbird, I’m using it myself.

I am trying to add an email account, when I force starttls for smtp, I get the error. It is a domain on Hestiacp. If I use no encryption on smtp I can add the account. The same issue was also on vestacp. Hope this enough info.

SMTP with StartTLS:

port: 587
Connection security: STARTTLS
Auth method: Normal Password


Port: 465
Connection security: SSL / TLS
Auth method: Normal Password

@napisok - Try to temporary disable CSF and retry.

I have no such issues with e-mail Exim subsystem.

Can’t find any point that csf is used here?

Edit: Ah sorry, didnt noticed the second post.

disable csf
use smtp as ssl
But I did not work. Have read some place that it should be a settings in exim, but cannot remember there

@napisok have you checked the settings I posted earlier?

yes I did, tried with different port and normal password on windows 10

@napisok - Could you please try to connect from different device / location?

For SMTP diagnosis I can recommend SMTP Console from Socketlabs - saved me tons of time.