Transfer Web Domains

I have web domains, emails et all that belongs to Hestia Admin, is there a way to them to another user?

CLI command from console:


Usage: v-change-domain-owner DOMAIN USER

The above worked like a charm

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v-change-domain-owner {DOMAIN} {NEWUSERNAME}

Hi Chembian and all

perhaps anyone can help me out, i got this mesage when i try to change domain owner.
i am using hestia 1.3 version

and the domain is not change
i mean that there are no result, domain still own by old user


Did you execute the command as root?

yups, i execute it as root user

the $ prompt suggests that you haven’t been root # though…
anyway seems like a issue with the PATH variable, how did you become root? which OS?

I am using ohmyzsh with “ys” theme

this is how become root and i am using ubuntu 20.04

this is the path variable

try adding:

export HESTIA=/usr/local/hestia


Work seamlessly buddy
Thanks lot bro

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