Transfering file from another VPS

is there special treatment for transfer file wordpress ?

  1. I have copy all file to public_html folder (using contabo ) and hestiacp
  2. i also have copy the my database.sql and upload using code,so my phpadmin also has ready in new server
  3. I have changed the username , my databse and pasword
  4. but in the last step always there is information like this :

You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.

which the proper

  1. install new wordpress first and then after wordpress ready …the upload mysql in phpmyadmin. ( wordpress great be succes intalled, but after i upload my database , the view is erorr

  2. direct upload databse in php my admin, and then just direct enter data (username, pasword and database name ) when we process in install new wordpress, and the final step is == > *You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.

i need enlihgment from master in this great group

database/username and password need to be changed in the wp-config.php - I assume that’s what you mean in step 3?

also which last step in 4.? you should not run the install-script again, if you copied over all data already.

there is not enough information to help you out here. depending on you using ngix+apache+php-fpm (or not), there might be adjustments needed to .htaccess and/or .user.ini or even to the nginx template (is no apache at all).

maybe it is easier to use a plugin like ‘duplicator’ which will pack everything up for you into an archive and even provide an installation php-script to help redeploying…

my databse is so big, so i need about your next explanation, if you dont mind… i am using ubuntu 16 and contabo. can you give me the more explanation …

how to check about this item :
and maybe what is i have to do … since i bought server…i just online install hestiacp only. can i and how i can add this item (ngix+apache+php-fpm) ,… mybe… is there script to complete this item, so i can activate this using putty ?

2. there might be adjustments needed to .htaccess and/or .user.ini
@falzo cn you help me, send this file … i still dont to understand about this, especially for my problem. is it enough after i add file .htaccess “i think do not put this file yet on my public_html folder”

sorry to disappoint, but I won’t teach basic knowledge. I understand that everyone needs to start somewhere, but Hestia is not the right tool then nor the ideal starting point.
it isn’t aimed to be a replacement for basic server administration knowledge and cannot help you with such simple tasks like migrating a wordpress.

really no offense meant here, but this isn’t your first issue and you will run into more. however these are not really related to Hestia and we cannot provide support for it.

again: Hestia simply isn’t a beginners tool and therefore you might want to consider a different approach (managed hosting?) or software which will take you further.

for your issue at hand (migrating wordpress) I already pointed towards a possible easy solution in the end of my former response (regardless the panel you use), so please reread :wink:

:smiley: thks for respon and enlighment … i want learn agaian

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