Transferir un dominio a un VPS Hostiger con Hestia

Hola. Soy nuevo con el sistema Operativo. Si alguien me puede dar una mano, de cómo transferir un dominio de dreamhost a VPS Hostinger, tengo “Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with HestiaCP”, y estuve mirando algunos tutoriales, de migración, pero me gustaria aprender a usarlo para transferir un dominio, de una web hecha en wordpress y luego migrarla.


Hello. I am new to the Operating system. If someone can give me a hand on how to transfer a domain from dreamhost to VPS Hostinger, I have “Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with HestiaCP”, and I am looking at some migration tutorials, but I would like to learn how to use it to transfer a domain, in a website made in wordpress and then migrate it.

Hello, thanks for answering. The idea is to learn how to handle Hestia. Although my question was quite technical and specific, I understand that there are processes ahead and they all take a step by step. Well, I would like some tips to move forward with them. For example, to transfer a domain, or migrate a site from Hestia to the corresponding VPS. But I understand your message, and I appreciate your response again. I’m going to try to watch tutorials and read the forum here.

In don’t know what panel Dreamiest uses…

Cpanel: Make a back and copy it over to /backup folder and run v-import-cpanel

Other panels you need to copy it over manually…

In hostinger I have a VPS I am working with: Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with HestiaCP
At dreamhost I have backup copies of each website. I would like to know how I do domain migrations or transfers to the VPS with this operating system. if you be kind to me!

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