Tried to add multiple backup exclusions for a site, hestia made a backup of the entire harddrive overnight... (over 512GB)

In the backup exclusion interface first I tried entering 2 lines:*

But on reloading it would delete the first line and I’d be left with ‘’

So then I tried the following:*:public_html/bar

And overnight when it ran the backup cron it created a monster backup file containing (presumably) my entire harddrive’s contents.

So how how do I exclude multiple directories in the backup exclusions interface? I’m stumped.

PS - there should maybe be a check in the backup script to prevent it grabbing any files outside the web/sitename directory…

EDIT - My mistake… I failed to notice that there was a separate issue that led to the creation of a huge amount of junk data in my web folder. Ignore.

And so should work

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