Trouble trying to disable apache+nginx output buffering

In the good old days (pre-v2-apache), my perl scripts (which disable the perl output buffer) would display their output in a web browser as the data processed, but in recent years, nothing shows up until all the data has finished processing. :frowning:

Now that I’m a/the server admin, I should be able to do something about that, but I’ve lost many hours attempting to do so, without success. I’ve surmised that it has something to do with DEFLATE and OutputBufferSize, and so I pronged apache2.conf to AllowOverrides just so I could quickly and easily try lots combinations of directives in an .htaccess file, all to no avail.

I did notice the handy gzip OFF in hestiaCP’s nginx /edit/server/nginx/ Configure Server: NGINX page, which seemed so promising, but that was not sufficient… :frowning:

WORSE, I think I found a hestiaCP issue on the /list/server/ page:

if I check the box to the left of nginx and then “Apply to selected” → Restart, then click the arrow, the circle goes round and round, then it SOMETIMES in response loads /list/user/ (!). But after telling hestiaCP to restart nginx, /list/server/ still tells me that nginx has been up and running for days!

if I do a systemctl restart nginx, then /list/server/ shows that it has been freshly restarted.