Two devs one site?

Hi everyone,

I installed Hestia on my dev server and so far looks good! Thank you!

I have created a website/domain name owned by an unprivileged user (as recommended by the docs at /admin_docs/users.html#why-should-i-never-host-a-website-under-admin-account - sorry, it says I can’t put more than 2 links). Now lets say I want two devs to work on that website at the same time.

The easiest would be to share the SSH and FTP credentials of that unprivileged account I created, but it sounds like a bad idea because:

  • they’ll share the same git config; their commits will have the same name and email
  • they’ll share the same bash history

Is there a way with Hestia to create multiple unprivileged users and make each have SSH access to the same website owned by me, for example? Or should I retract to manually creating and jailing some SSH users?

It’s just after reading we assume that even without Hestia you would be able to set up a LAMP stack and manage your email, but are looking for a tool to simplify these tasks, I was hoping there’s an out of the box way to simplify this

Don’t share code base on a server but keep each code base separate and only after deloy after merge and so on with continues integration. Or use a local developing machine…

Hestia is not designed with 2 devs on server as many other control panels. We support multiple ftp accounts and consider adding support for multiple sftp accounts but the current implentation for ssh currently so bad that it needs quite a lot rewrite including setting up rssh and so on…

Create 2 different user accounts that have access each and their own website so they can break stuff thing

You can set multiple ssh / ftp accounts under one user.

Edit: you may also add a Linux user.

But as @eris said it is better to have the website cloned and merge the changes. Use git or mercurial for that.

ftp will work… ssh not (yet)

How much would it cost to sponsor rush?

Rush is a lot of work. I wish it was apt install rush and it did work :frowning:

Let’s break it down to smaller chunks and estimate the time. Then we will be able to put a bounty on that

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