Ubuntu 20.04 Not Support

Ubuntu 20.04 is not supported


Ubuntu 20.04 isnt released yet: https://forum.hestiacp.com/t/testing-ubuntu-20-04

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ok I’ll see it
thank you

Just saw that there is a mistake in the readme of master, thanks for pointing us to it, we currently discuss if we gonna remove or leave it - the release will be soon :slight_smile:.

And removed…

Just to prevent any confusions :slight_smile:

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Hello. When will it be availabe for Ubuntu 20.04? This month, next month, in 2-3 months? Just to be sure when to check news and don’t miss that happy day :slight_smile:

As far as when it’s ready :slight_smile:. We would communicate a specific date when we would have one - currently it’s something about 1-3 weeks - but this is not to 100% accurate.

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