Ubuntu 22.04 API "Error: authentication failed" (unsuported salt method - yescrypt)


I installed hestiacp on 22.04 , Hestia Control Panel: v1.6.7
Enabled “legacy API access” and added my ip to “Allowed IP addresses for API”.
Get error “Error: authentication failed”

I checked the user:
v-get-user-salt admin
METHOD: yescrypt
But now hestiacp api dos not work with yescrypt

To resolve I changed
nano /etc/pam.d/common-password
password [success=1 default=ignore] pam_unix.so obscure yescrypt
password [success=1 default=ignore] pam_unix.so obscure sha512
and done password change
v-change-user-password admin somepass
after this
v-get-user-salt admin
METHOD: sha512
and API was working.

Hope it will help to somebody.

We should patch the issue … Please create a bug at Github

Probaly not needed anymore: Add support for yesscrypt api by jaapmarcus · Pull Request #2899 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

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