Ubuntu 22 Desktop + HestiaCP + HotSpot

Hi. I have next situation. I have server, what i want to use as some home server and LAN internet with external ip. On server I have WIFI module. When I install clean Ubuntu Desktop system, I can easily configure WIFI to become HotSpot and use WIFI on my phones and laptops. But when I install hestiacp, hotspot isnt work any more. I read a lot of ubuntu forums to solve this problem, I changed settings, downgraded packets, regenerated wpa certificates for hot spot and so on without success. When I create HotSpot, my phone see this WIFI, try to connect and HotSpot istn send any dhcp config back to phone (I try to open 67 and 68 port for TCP and UDP in iptables).
I understand, that you aren`t recommended to set hestia together with desktop environment and to be as wifi router in same time. But may be some one solve this problem.
Its looks that hestia is loaded with system and iptables is know only about external connection. WiFi hot spot is created after boot and I think iptables ist know about new IP and block all traffic for this IP. Rebooting iptables cant help in my situation too. So I will be glad for any propositions. regards.

This is way out of the use case of hestiacp.

running a server on a wifi is not a good idea. Most Mobile Internet doesn’t even provide ipv4 IP address. You won’t be able to port forward and there is no DHCP taking care of stuff.

I have unlimited 1 GB optical connection, not mobile broadband. This optical connection has real IP, so I can access my server from world. My server also have wifi card. And I just want to turn my server to wifi hotspot for my laptops and mobile phones to share internet and not use additional wifi router. And I find where I have error. Bind9 dns server was in conflict with dnsmasq service, what used in ubuntu by default to forward dns requests, because both use same port.

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