Ugraded to Debian 11 smtp no intermittent

I really need some help:
After upgrading and following the instruction here on the link below, SMTP is now very intermittent. I couldn’t get any connection at all until I removed the line:
Now can get smtp to connect, just that it’s not trustworthy. All my equipment that I use for mail is Apple and all upgraded to the most recent version.

I followed these instructions:

Just a not that I see in exim logs this:
2023-10-21 20:48:10 no host name found for IP address 23...*** (snipped out my ip address.)
But I’m trying to connect from home. this was neve an issue before now.

You all can disregard the whole thing. I upgraded from Debian 10 to 11 and the problem was there but after I upgraded from 11 to 12, everything fixed itself. I have no idea why. Doesn’t matter at this point.

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