Unable to add database

Hello! Unable to add database because “Host” field is inactive. When I try to add a database, I get the error “Field” host “can not be blank.” OS: Ubuntu 20.04.

What was your install string and is mysql running?

bash hst-install.sh -n yes -w yes -m yes -i yes -b yes -s IP-address -p password -e [email protected] -r 8083 -y yes -a no -o no -v no -k no -x no -z no -c no -t no

Mysql, yes it is running.

Strange haven’t seen the issue before…

In /usr/local/hestia/conf/ You should find mysql.conf. Does that file exists?

Yes, mysql.conf exists. The only strange thing is that in the value PASSWORD=’’ there are Cyrillic characters.

Hmm similar issue with


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Hi @eris and @Dmitry - were you able to solve this problem? I have the same issue and have struggled the last week with no success.

MariaDB / MySQL DB is running and I can access it, but Hestia will not create the database with error “unable to add database”.

Topic is almost 2 years old… Probally the issue is not relevant…