Unable to add, edit or copy files outside public_html

I’m having serious issues with adding, editing or copings files outside public_html: /home/username/web/domain.com. It doesn’t work!

I’m able to add, edit or copy in /home/username/web and also /home/username/web/domain.com/public_html

How can I fix this as most sites I have use CodeIgniter4 framework which places app folders outside public_html

Hello @bruce,

You can’t add anything to /home/username/web/domain.com because of perms used by Hestia (it is like this for security reasons).

Take a look to this post for more info:

If you want to change perms for that dir, keep in mind that if the iste is rebuilt, Hestia will change again them.

Also, if you will use php, maybe you would like to create and add a new php-fpm template to your site adding your new dirs to open_basedir directive.



Easiest method is use “Costum docroot” and place everything in


It will also sort the php open base dir issues …