Unable to connect backup process db

In the backup process, it does not back up the accounts connected to postgre and gives a connection error.

-- DB --
2024-02-19 14:47:17 abcbul_beta (mysql)
/backup/tmp.qgAMeohppm/db/abcbul_beta/abcbul_beta.mysql.sql : 34.84%   ( 59284 =>  20656 bytes, /backup/tmp.qgAMeohppm/db/abcbul_beta/abcbul_beta.mysql.sql.zst)
2024-02-19 14:47:17 abcbul_db (pgsql)
Error: Connection to localhost failed

I looked at this address and /usr/local/hestia/data/users/abcbul/db.conf has the correct settings for the connection

DB=‘abcbul_beta’ DBUSER=‘abcbul_admin’ MD5=‘xxxxxxxxxx’ HOST=‘localhost’ TYPE=‘mysql’ CHARSET=‘UTF8MB4’ U_DISK=‘1’ SUSPENDED=‘no’ TIME='11:47:5>

DB=‘abcbul_db’ DBUSER=‘abcbul_pg’ MD5=‘xxxxxxxxxx’ HOST=‘localhost’ TYPE=‘pgsql’ CHARSET=‘UTF8MB4’ U_DISK=‘7’ SUSPENDED=‘no’ TIME=‘11:47:56’ DA>

Make sure the postgress password in /usr/local/hestia/conf/postgres.conf is correct

I am not sure because it is md5 so I copied the md5 of mysql and used it so that the passwords are the same

file is empty

root@admin:/usr/local/hestia/conf# ls
defaults  hestia.conf  hestia.conf.new  mysql.conf  pgsql.conf  rclone.backup.conf

Check here

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it worked bro thanks ^^

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