Unable to Delete Domain


I’m having a problem deleting a domain. It keeps on telling me that the domain does not exist. And at some point, I was trying to delete “www.website.com” but It deleted “website.com”. I think I have a problem with a config somewhere but I don’t know where to look. These domains were involved in a change domain command about 4 months ago. But its only now we’re getting a problem.

Can anyone please tell me where to look for a mismatch configuration that could possibly giving us this problem? We really need to delete this domain and re-create it.

Thanks in advance!


Domain in the list is www.aujourdhui.com

Try deleting it via command line

Yes, I’m trying to delete www.aujourdhui.com but it’s looking for aujourdhui.com. I find that strange.
I think there is a low level config somewhere that got things mixed up. I just don’t know where to look.

Sorry to bother you but what is the delete domain command line? I’m not getting any luck finding it in the forum. Thanks!

v-delete-web-domain user domain.com

First of all, I really appreciate the answers, thanks a lot!

The bad news though is nothing happened. After I deleted the domain, I checked back and its still there. I didn’t even get any error message.

Any suggestions on what it can be or where might I go look for clues? Thanks in advance!

Can you check if the config still exists in /etc/nginx/conf.d/domains/ ?

It’s there.

I think I have another clue to what’s going on. I saw it by accident as I was preparing for plan B (start from scratch on a new server).

Hestia does not allow specific sites to be created when it;'s the first time the domain is to be created.
I wanted to create “www.mydomain.com” but instead, it gave me mydomain.com.
After that, I am able to create the sub-domains.

What happened to me seems to be a config issue. as Hestia will not allow sub-domains to be created of the main domain is not yet there. Though I’m not sure if that makes sense at all.

www is a special “subdomain” as is treating it as an “alias” for domain.com. lala.domain.com or test.domain.com should work fine.

I can’t see a reason why it is not deleting www.domain.com as it should be.

You should try

  1. Chk your home/users/your_username/domains.
    If is there, you must delete it.
  2. create new domain with the same name which you want to delete.
  3. Then DELETE it. This will make it proper deletion.
    Hopes it will works