Unable to find the phpmyadmin password

Unable to find the phpmyadmin password in this path /usr/local/hestia/conf/mysql.conf

the config folder is empty. Can anyone help me to find the password or tell me why is it empty do I need to set the password ?

did you mean root password or user?

if you mean is root please check Set mysql root password

if you mean an user, you should set manually when you creating db

hope it help

I would not suggest to change the root password manualy, otherwise you’ll break hestia without updating it in your conf.

The pass will be added to this:

and here

So the mysql.conf should not be empty, otherwise you probaly have removed it by mistake and you’lk need to reset the pw and trigger v-add-database-host again manually.


Have you check the lines in config.inc.php in phpmyadmin directory? If your root account dont use any password set ‘AllowNoPassword’ to ‘TRUE’.