Unable to install HestiaCP from the latest version. Error: Invalid domain format. IP address detected as input

Hello great HestiaCP community, I liked your panel that I have even encouraged my colleagues to stop paying for CPanel and go here since it has everything they need.

However, with the latest update, it is not possible for me to install HestiaCP on my Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04), I have tried different servers and I cannot install it since it throws me the following error that will appear on the screen:

What is your server name it should be a valid hostname…

The data is correct, the same problem persists at the time of installation.
I will move to VestaCP again with waiting for a new Hestia update because it is the most practical CP for me.

Use the command:

v-chagne-sys-ip-helo localip hostname

And it will be fixed

I realized that the error is because the password does not meet the requirements, I put another password and now without errors :slight_smile:

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Maybe the error message should clearly say that the pass is not good

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