Unable to login to my server

Hello guys, iam unable to login to my hestiacp server. I can open the portal and type in my admin username and password but iam unable to login. After a bit of research i found that it is due to memory limit. But how can i increase memory limit without logging in to my server itself. Iam a non technical guy. Please help me resolve this. Meanwhile iam unable to login to my wordpress sites as well but my sites are working fine its just that i cant login to my server and my wp sites. Please help me increase memory limit

Anyone have a solution for this?

please provide some error messages, i’m not sure if this is really related due to memory limit.

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Theres no error messages at all its just that i can’t loginto my server and wordpress sites

so probaly disk full? Login using ssh and check it :).


Yeah you are right disk is full, i have to increase my limit thanks for the help

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Iam only using embed videos in my sites iam not hosting any content on my own i have 50 gb of disk space. Dont know how did it fill. Any idea?

du --max-depth=1 -lah

And check what folder is full probally the backup folder …

How to delete backup folder from server. Whats the command for it?

Change in the package settings the max backups or store backups remotely with local backups disabled

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No i want to clean up backups first to gain access to my server iam unable to do that please tell me how to delete backups through console using commands

cd /backups
rm *

will delete everything

Screenshot (2801)

cant find which one its showing in k i didnt get it please help which one is backup folder

cd /
And then again …

Cant locate where this daily backup folders are located can you please navigate?

/backup is default folder…

I can only find one backup file there. Where can i found all backups that happened daily? I want to delete them all

i thought it was the backups but dont know whats consuming my disk space iam only embedding videos on my sites.anybody please help. one of my site has consumed 18 gb od disk space but why embeding videos dont take any space iam not storing any videos or images on my site,

Note: i have 90000 embed vodeos on my site and iam using wp rocket cache plugin is that what is consuming a lot of disk space ? cache? please help

To know top fifteen directories consuming space inside /home/ launch this command as root:

du -Sh /home/ | sort -rh | head -n 15

To know top fifteen files consuming space inside /home/ launch this command as root:

find /home/ -type f -exec du -Sh {} + | sort -rh | head -n 15

Thanks a lot this resolved my issue