Unable to receive email from other mail servers domains


I have a odd behaviour. My email account works fine. I can both receive and send emails. And also receive emails from other mail server/mail domans.

But an another mail account on my server, can send mail okay, and also receive mail okay, but only from my server/mail domain. This account does not get the email in the inbox if it is sent from another mail server/mail domain.

But still I can see in the mainlog that the mail is accepted ok from the other mail server.

I also have tried to remove and recreate this email account on my server, with no success.

check the MX record DNS ip is set to correct server ip

I have checked mx records now, and they are correct. And also why does it work for me from same computer and not for her?

Mainlog says…

Rejected RCPT [email protected]: Rejected because xx.xxx.xx.xxx is in a black list at zen.spamhaus.org is in a black list at zen.spamhaus.org

But https://check.spamhaus.org/ gives “Has no issues”.

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Changing dns primary and secondary dns servers in systemd.resolved seems to have fixed it for me (gonna check it out for some time first). So, it obviously has to do with the return codes spamhaus returns to exim4/hestia, and then it does not interpret does return codes correctly.

Finally I also had to get a free account with a free key from spamhaus, to get the blocking also to work correctly.

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