Unable to receive emails from GMAIL (ONLY GMAIL -Others work)


I recently installed Hestia CP in my vps from Vultr, i can send and receive emails from all providers and i can also send emails to gmail and it lands in direct inbox as well but i am unable to receive any emails from gmail/google.

I know there are many other posts regarding this as well but sadly i do not see any solutions in them.
i am not using SMTP relay my ports are unblocked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check /var/log/exim4/mainlog

got something from before, i sent email to gmail 10:49 as well and this is what i can see in mainlog:

Sending is working according to this logs…

yes sending is working i already mentioned in the post, only Receiving from Gmail is not working

id someone sent me an email with (fawefaewfeawfawe) i have rcvd it.

Yes that was mee…

Send you a second email form my gmail account

Did you see that one aswell?

nope only received from your own domain not the gmail one.

Created at: Tue, Jun 6, 2023 at 1:29 PM (Delivered after 0 seconds)

Did you use Google Workplace in the past for this domain?

no i did not , its a relatively new domain about 4 months ago

Disable iptables for 1 minute and try. Maybe fail2ban has banned a bunch of SMTP servers so you see no incoming traffic and therefore no log.


it appears that the google ips are being blocked , i can see that in admin panel under logs, but stopping ip tables didnt fix the issue either :frowning:
any idea how to fix this?

Delete all the mail bans and disable fail2ban

disable or stop? i dont know how to disable it i can stop it from admin panel

deleted all IP’s stopped fail2ban but still no emails, log doesnt show any update
getting the mails from google server

as well

STS policy is quite broken… Need to for probally one week…

Remove spamhaus from “dns block list”


sir, are you have fix this issue?

i have same problem, cant receive from gmail.

Check the logs. Can you find the delivery attempt?