Unable to reset hesiacp password

Though i enter correct username and admin email to reset password I always get error invalid host domain

Is their any setting inside panel to set up custom smtp or how to make this reset password working?

Please help me with the process if I miss something.

Thank you

How do you access the panel?

And does this domain exists in the Hestia some where?

I am accessing panel using Nginx reverse proxy from another domain …

like setting https:// anotherdomain.com reverse proxy to hestiacp machine IP : port

Access server directly over ip:port or via a know domain in the software.

Or login with ssh and run

v-change-user-password admin “new_password”

It was done due to a security breach as “Hackers” are able to get the “reset” token + account name and where able to gain access to the server.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: Great help

matter i am not a hacker but sometimes may i need passwword reset. then how i reset that.

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