Undesired alias

on a fresh server, ubuntu 20.04, hestia latest running
each time i’m creating a domain, an alias is created … first time this happens

if i create my.newdomain.net
my-newdomain-net.hestiapanel.ovh.com is automatically created

if i want to see my domain in my browser … it redirects to … https://www.intimesrevier.com/ hmm sexy

can one explain what’s happening please?
and what i could do?
thanks a lot, that’s odd

This isnt a hestia behaviour, the only alias which gets added is www id the domain counts one dot in the address (example.com).

No idea where your redirect comes from, but it isnt hestia, otherwise we would get such a feedback from more than 28k servers.

no doubt, hestia has very good reviews

but how can an alias appear in hestia without me configuring it?

i’m still looking for help or advice
i’m using cloudflare full, with proxy and hsts
any idea what could be happening?

i’ve reinstalled and strengthened security on the vps
so far it seems repaired :crossed_fingers:

when domain is created, an alias appears by default when the optional Assigned domain is given in the network configuration

if is created my.newdomain.net
then my-newdomain-net.hestiapanel.ovh.com is automatically added in the alias read-only field

Did you set in “Server” → Configure → Network and then the ip → Assigned domain?

but it sure is not linked to this short term hacking …
i’m still wondering …

Removing it is “feature” that add it as alias when you create a domain

sorry, in other words please? i’m not following you …

Removed the assigned domain … It will solve the issue you have…

yes, that’s what i did
but still don’t know how my url got ripped …

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