Unzipping from File Manager will create folders with CHMMOD 555 instead of 755

It seems this problem occurs since v1.8.2 (or v1.8.3), anyone have the same problem as me?

Hello @Decepticon,

I’m using HestiaCP 1.8.5 and tested it right now and I’ve no problem, unzipped dirs are 0755 and files 0644.

Sorry, but I don’t know how to solve your issue.


We extract via:

We don’t chmod / chown the files so the permissions should be kept…

It happens with all users using file manager? And, connecting directly via sftp? Did you modify some umask?

As you are seeing directories with 555 perms, the umask should be 222, try to see if you have that umask inside /etc and/or home dirs.

Check /etc/ dir:

grep -riE 'umask\s{1,}[0-7]{0,1}222|-u\s{1,}[0-7]{0,1}222' /etc/ 2>/dev/null

Check all home dirs:

grep -iE 'umask\s{1,}[0-7]{0,1}222|-u\s{1,}[0-7]{0,1}222' /home/*/.* 2>/dev/null

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It seems that the issue is unrelated to HestiaCP. When I unzip the compressed data using WinRAR/7z on my Windows 10 PC, all folders are assigned chmod 555 permissions. However, when I unzip the zip file downloaded from the web, the folders retain the expected chmod 755 permissions

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