Update email notification error

I created hestiacp hostname is a subdomain “hcp.chrisgayle.co.in” and I use the main domain “chrisgayle.co.in” as mail domain in admin user. I also set global SMTP (provider: smtp2go) in that provider I authenticate my main domain “chrisgayle.co.in”.
Normal Email working fine incoming and outgoing both.
But the internal update notification email can’t goes to receiver. First I think maybe I can’t able to set properly but when I check my activity logs in my smpt provider account (smtp2go) I see that hestiacp send email notifications perfectly to the receiver but my SMTP provider blocked/rejected it because the mail was send from “[email protected]” and the subdomain is not authenticated in SMTP provider account.
Now the real problem is I can’t add a subdomain in SMTP provider in my account,
Another thing I can do is change my hestiacp hostname to my main domain “chrisgayle.co.in” but I didn’t want change that.
So is there any way to change the internal email notification send by hestiacp from subdomain to main domain.
Means the email notification hestiacp send to me is come from “[email protected]” instead of “[email protected]” if this can happen I can receive email notifications from my SMTP relay provider otherwise I need to change my hostname to main domain “chrisgayle.co.in” instead of sub domain “hcp.chrisgayle.co.in” but I didn’t want to change that until there no other option,
So is there any way to do it please help if possible.

Under "Configure Server → Whitelabel " you can change the sender name

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Sir @eris the solution you give it’s work.
Thanks sir, for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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