Update PHP Version

I have a WordPress website managed by Hestia, and WordPress is alerting me that I need to update PHP since I currently have version 7.3, and it advises me to upgrade. However, from Hestia, I only see these options:


How can I update PHP? Thanks in advance.

v-add-web-php x.x

And hen change the version for the websites :slight_smile:

Hola amigo, yo uso Hestia en navegador web ya que manejo windows, donde debo introducir ese comando, gracias

You can do the same from Web UI.

Server settings -> Configure > Web Server and there select the PHP version you want to install and click on button Save

Realmente lo siento, me siento muy tonto, pero no me aparecen los Server Settings en Hestia, puede ser por un motivo de permisos?

You must be logged with admin user.

Como puedo saber si soy un administrador?

This is an English only forum :wink:

Don’t you administer HestiaCP? Just login with the user admin to your Hestia CP and you will see the options.

Oh sry, i will talk in english.
Im in Hestia CP and I dont see the Seetings:

Login with user admin

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I don’t know the password for admin, it is my company’s website and they are not aware of what password admin may have, is it possible to recover it or something similar?

I’ve no words :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but you should connect via ssh (as root) to the server and then use command v-change-user-password to change the password:

v-change-user-password admin "HereTheNewPassword"

Anyways, that should be done by the server administrator, IT department, etc.

That’s the problem, there is no one with the knowledge to do it and that’s why I’m trying… I’m going to search on YouTube how to connect to an SSH server. Thanks for your time and patience.

You can use Putty and ssh in. Do you have access to the actual server?

Ye I have access and i can delete webs and do all things, but looks that im not admin. I tried putty but idk what ip i have to put

I understand that you have access to your hosting account. My question was access to the server. Did your company buy the server from a provider?

You might want to get in touch with the server provider who setup your server or gave you access to the control panel.

Ye, i think that they bought from a provider, thx for help men