Update suggestion for the Hesta Documentation DNS Section

Hello everyone!

Today, we installed Hesta as we had problems with ISPconfig having terrible documentation. Hesta has very easy to understand documentation, however, we ran into one part of it that was terrible in terms of description:


1 - Problem:
Due to inconsistencies in wording, we spent a lot of time trying to bugfix why we were getting error: “dns-cluster does not exist.”

In the documentation, it asks you to “create user dns-cluster”. We used “adduser dns-cluster”, as this
indicated me (coming from no prior experience with this type of application) that the documentation is trying to refer to a user on the OS-Level. This is a UX inconsistency, as it is not clear what you are trying to ask, as in other instances, you refer to panel users as “user accounts”.

Then, you are also missing a solution for the error listed shall it occur that I would like to see added to save other people encountering this time.

2 - Solution:
Hereafter, I am proposing an update to the section I’m bothered by:

  1. Create user dns-cluster on a server which will be used as dns slave

Change this to:

  1. Create user account dns-cluster on the server which will be used as the DNS slave:
    v-add-user dns-cluster p4ssw0rd [email protected]

And on the bottom of the page, add:

I’m encountering Error: dns-cluster doesn’t exist
Make sure you have created a user account with Hestia using “v-add-user”, not a system user. Should you have created a system user, make sure to delete the account first before using “v-add-user”:

deluser dns-cluster

If you guys at hestia are looking for a technical writer, feel free to ask!

All the best,

Please feel free to improve our docs, it is aswell opensource: GitHub - hestiacp/hestiacp-docs: Hestia Control Panel Documentation | Want to contribute? Pull requests are welcome!

Thanks for letting me know, I will do that!

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