Upgrade from Debian 11 to Debian 12 supported?

I was searching for the answer, but couldn’t find it so don’t go hard on me in case it was posted somewhere already.

I know that hestiacp support Debian 12 distro however is it safe to upgrade Debian 11 to 12 already or there could be some issues?
If I remember correctly it was recommended to wait with the upgrade. What’s the status now?

So far I know only exim4 config should be update


Just quick feedback.
I updated exim4.conf.4.95.template as @eris suggested and then upgraded several hestiacp servers to Debian 12 without any issue.

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May be it will be useful fore someone… After upgrade Debian 11 to 12 I had an issue when spamassassin did not start. So mail sending/receiving did not work too (but it could be easy fixed by commenting spamassassin related entries in the exim4 config). After a quick research I noticed that the spamd service is not installed. So, after installing spamd with standard means, spamassassin started and everything worked as it should.

spamassassin has been renamed to spamd

Change it in /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf

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Thanks for advice. I did it despite everything seemed to work too before that :slightly_smiling_face: So now instead of spamassassin it is called spamd in the Hestia settings. But It is surprising that it was not installed during the update and i had to install it manually. As I understand before the update on Deb 11 spamassassin ran as a daemon and now spamd does?

Yes systemctl status spamd

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