Upgrade hestia 1.6.14 change password notworking for email client

Hi, I’m got an issue of change email password on webmail or even on HT control panel.
After I upgrade HT to 1.6.14 (from 1.6.8). When I change email password. It work on webmail (sending & received). But it cause error for email client like outlook, thunderbird.
When I re-enter the new password on outlook. outlook show user or password incorrect.
error from outlook (email client)
error message : server rejected your login. verify your user name and password
server responde:-ERR [Auth] authentication failed.

If I change back password to old password. It work perfect on all  (webmail, outlook, thunderbird)

Colud you pls. give me a solution for this isssue.
or I’m not sure can we degrade Hestiacp to older version

Sometimes when I get several connection errors, my IP gets banned by fail2ban and then even if I reconfigure it correctly, I still can’t connect.

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Thanks you jlguerrero. I’m found my IP banned from firewall after change password.

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