User cannot enter webmail

I can’t enter
It shows me the start of the
He is a new user, I can only enter Hestia but not webmail
Please help

Could be all, wrong set alias, some nginx config issue - with that amount of informations it is impossible to help. You need to do the first debug steps on your own, we can’t login, and also don’t want to provide free support on remote systems.

Also, just to state it again: Hestia isnt a replacement for sysadmin knowledge, it’s a product to make their life easier. For example you still should know how to configure nginx manualy.

This is nothing meant in any case offensive, it just should show what we expect from our community and what we can and will support.

Thank you, I am not offended, do not worry.
What happens is the following:
I have 17 accounts working with Hestia, and today I created a new user, as I had done before, but I found a difference in Hestia, for example at this moment, the antiviru and antispam options are in red.

And I cannot enter
And if I can enter, then that causes me doubt, I have not done anything more than create the user and create an email account.

Please, can you help me?

I’m sorry, but no. I can’t help with that amount of informations.

Also that your clamd and spamassassin service seems to be offline, isnt that good - also here, basic sysadmin knowledge would be to check the related logfile to get some reasons, why they dont run. But again, hestia can’t and we will do that for you. Expect @eris is in a good mood, but it usualy costs a 50 euro prepayment donation to the project.

Thanks, It already worked

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Would you maybe share with us, what your solution was. Could be usefull for other users.


I’m not sure what it was, but apparently it was that I deleted the aliases