User home directory to home/webhosting/user

How to make existing web hosting directories a / home / webhosting / user configure?

/home/user ------to----> /home/webhosting/user



Changing the default home location out of the box is not supported at this time, and expects all users created by Hestia to be located under /home/[username]/.


ohh :frowning:

When will it be resolved?

There is currently no ETA for it. How ever don’t think it high on our to do list. How ever feel free to contribute with it with a pull request.

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Where can I make such a request? :slight_smile:

May I ask first what the biggest benefit is for changing the home directory to a different subfolder?

For creating a pull request with code changes see:

How ever it is a lot of changes as all of all our current systems are build around /home/user/

/home/user is a sensible defacto standard. Deviations should only be down to an individual and unsupported, IMHO.

Nothing to resolve.


It is needed because raid1 has the SSD and only the / home folder! I would also like to move mysql here. so: / home / mysql / / home / webhosting / user
Because unfortunately the OS writes / reads a 120Gb SSD.

and unfortunately I might pull it out of there if there are too many folders in there.

then you need to solve this on the filesystem level with bind mounts and the like.


/home/user/public_html (which is the usual default)
/home/user/backup - local user accessible backups
/home/user/mail - email obviously
/home/user/mysql - which is my pet peeve 'cos invariably every user db is dumped together in /var/lib/mysql

Makes backups/restores and quotas much easier but nobody listens to me. :’(
(Use case for consolidated /var/lib/mysql is offloading onto another server/disc. That I get. :wink: )

@AlwaysSkint create a issue / feature request for it interesting to look in it

@raptor666 you can mount the home disk to a different dir and de /var/mysql to the ssd disk

It was just a passing comment, though potentially useful and not directed specifically at Hestia - it applies to other panels too. Redirecting databases to a user data store could be fairly tricky to do; I haven’t investigated at all.
I’m much more interested in a HestiaCP mod_sec implementation. :slight_smile: