User.ini file - open_basedir()

I am trying to add a directory to open_basedir via a .user.ini file.
open_basedir = “/home/admin/web/”
It does not work.
I added the directive upload_max_filesize = “100M” just to check if the .user.ini is read and it’s ok

The server is FPM/FastCGI

You also need to include all the other folders (public_html)

Maybe the

Is an easier method

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I tried to include all the other directories. still does not work…

What I need is the add a directory above public_html. if i change the template it is overwritten during updates.

cp PHP-7_4.tpl OpenBasePHP-7_4.tpl

and modify OpenBasePHP-7_4.tpl with your custom settings

Those templates are saved upon update / rebuild