Users limitation for over quota usage

This is my replicated post on VestaCP forum.
I can upload my final “v-check-user-band” file i’m using on my new HestiaCP server. I wish there was a solution from the HestiaCP team :wink:
The file is checking (Using Cron) every x min the users quota usage and if the user is over the limit, He will get disabled along with an email notification for admin.

Sorry if it’s appropriate to mention VestaCP Panel here. If so i will edit my post.


Hi There,
Please forgive my bad English.

VestaCP is a great hosting panel but there’s a base feature missing - Users limitation for quota .

I know vesta doesn’t have any built-in notification system for soft/hard limit on user quota.
I played with warnquota It appears that his trying to send email to user system email instead of vesta user email.
The system email is: [email protected] so root will get NDR error.

Here’s a common use steps :
Step 1: Notify the user in case of disk or bandwidth is near the end.
Step 2: Block the user service after exceeded is reached.
If bandwidth is exceeded then we can change the user sites template to exceeded mode.

I did some search on the forum before and nothing came up …
Thanks in advance

We don’t have a system for that yet.

Feel free to propose a system for that as we have limited resources

We have implemented a daily cron job function ideal for a function like this

Checking every xx minutes is use less as it would cost a lot of resources you need to calculate the current traffic usage / disk usage every time.

I beg to differ :wink:

if you set up disk quotas properly of course you can use them in your system and the user can’t go over it.
notifications for that you probably can setup using repquota or whatever in some way, I’ve never digged that deep into it.

traffic/bandwidth is a different story. please keep in mind, that Hestia is not neccessarily made with heavy reselling in mind, where you (understandebly) might need to watch closely to avoid abuse…

we are not here to compete or replace commercial solutions, rather than make the life of system admins easier - which expects you to either know your customers better or put your own measures in place :wink:

so, as @eris said: of course be our guest to suggest/provide solutions via pull request and we will discuss if implementing is feasible.