Using nginx templates together with multiphp

Hello, i successfully installed the server with multiphp,
i can choose easily the php version from 5.6 up to 7.3 which is default. <- very good!

now im at the point to rewrite my existing nginx templates, for Magento1 Magento2 Wordpress and Typo3.

Of course if have installed Multiphp because i want to assign the right php-package for the right web software.

Magento 1 i ran with php 7.0 (i know it now can go up to 7.2 but i do not want to test so short before migration to m2)
magento 2 should be installed with php 7.2
typo3 i need 7.0 perhaps it works with 7.2 too depending from my version
and finally wordpress . there i have the newest one installed and i think i will go with 7.2 perhaps 7.3 if template supports it.

ok the questions are:

  1. im familiar with .tpl .stpl, new for me is .sh, now you have those three files within one directory
    Should i make now 3 files for each “software combination”?
    decide what php, and combine for example magento.tpl, magento.stpl, (with php7.2 inside)

  2. i already have working nginx templates which i have used until now
    are there any already converted templates out there?

  3. do i understand right that when im finished i have a dropdown where i can select nginx template

magento2 - with php 7.2
magento1 - with php 7.0
wordpress - with php7.3?

or is the thinking different where i have 2 dropdowns



how should i proceed?

i found the “original hestia nginx templates”

as you can see the templates are not outside there … they are inside :slight_smile:

We’ve reworked multiphp with fpm already on master branch, you can now choose the php version as “socket”, followed by the needed template. This will be released with 1.1.0, also there will be a migration script for existing installations:

OK thank you for that information that sounds great…
is it worth to wait for releas 1.1.0? or should i proceed with my “one dropdown solution” for now?

basicly master branch is quite stable, also our demo installation runs it. basicly i would suggest to wait, will take a few weeks until we will release 1.1.0.