Using putty for hestia, always off directly

i have succesed install hestia on my new server. i am using contabo. i use putty for install. my problem today is every i login using username dan pasword the hestia account, the putty OFF DIRECTLY, but still can login root (vps server) using putty, but cant login (hestia account) because every i insert username dan pasword, putty always OFF DIRECTLY

but i can login hestia using winscp, and it looks normaly. i am using PuTTY Release 0.67
© 1997-2016 Simon Tatham. All rights reserved. is there minumum versioan of putty especially for hestiacp user ?

By default the admin user is only for sftp access and not for ssh.

FIXED…thks…I’ve edited user from Hestia Panel and set to: nologin then edited again and set to: bash Now it works

thks for respon…@eris …now i can acces SSH after i setting above. but now… the function command line of SSH === wget urlsite is not function. ( i want transfer many file from another hosting) … is there another setting… so command line like WGET be normal ?

solution is found… my fault is URL erorrr… am sorry. but thks for respon int his forum. this is great learn hestia