Hello, i have been trying to import a cliant’s cpanel backup into hestiacp using v-import-cpanel
its a running business and migration is a pain, last time i tried the web part was working fine but the email was very painful because for some reason it kept saying wrong password for alot of mail addresses. i was wondering just like there is an option to change web domain name is it possible to have something similar for mail domain so i can test it in production if everything is working fine on test domain before trying to remove the panel again.

anyone please?

v-change-domain does als change email…

there is no v-change-domain there is only v-change-web-domain and it does not change mail domain, not just going by its name i have also tested it with backup

i used this file bin/v-change-web-domain-name i cant find any bin/v-change-mail-domain-name
and there is no bin/v-change-domain there is bin/v-change-domain-owner but that changes user

I was confused with v-change-domain-ower

I don’t think there is a function for v-change-mail-domain-name…

yup, thats what i am trying to create or find . because when i use v-import-cpanel my clients services stop alot, it keeps asking for password even after updating the password from hestia, it says wrong password, i have tried mail clients and webmail both. next time i want to first run on other domain with all their data so i can troubleshoot the issue.