Following a query about DNS setup, I added some credit to my two test Rusky HestiaCP servers. I’d like to try making them nameservers, serving their own TLD.
In order to do so and not mess up the rest of my infrastructure, I need to change the hostname.

Apart from the obvious /etc/hosts, will v-change-sys-hostname alter all services that Hestia has control over? Am I better to start from scratch with the servers?

Thanks in advance.

If you check the code (https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/blob/main/bin/v-change-sys-hostname), you’ll see that it basicly only replace the system hostname (/etc/hostname). Probaly I would suggest to modify /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname (or use v-change-sys-hostname) - this should be enough for changing the hostname.

Let us know if all worked properly :slight_smile:!

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A few wee re-connection glitches whilst DNS propagated the new hostname, other than that things appeared to go OK.

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