V-change-sys-ip-name explanation & question

Hello all,

I’ve checked Hestia Docs but didn’t find any solid information about what v-change-sys-ip-name does. According to my checks, this command is related to the Assigned Domain option under IP Address Web UI setting.

According to Vesta Docs:

The function for changing dns domain associated with ip.

But that is not clear enough.

Why am I asking this?

I started looking into that command, as a possible solution to an annoying issue:
When someone is trying to visit https://[IP ADDESS] of the Hestia server, there appears a certificate warning (so far so good). The certificate referenced in that warning though, is not that of the FQDN of the server (let’s call it Host Certificate). It’s a (randomly chosen?) certificate of another web site hosted on the same server.

The issue can get worse than that. Lets suppose that Domain1 and Domain2 are hosted on the same Hestia server. Domain1 has a valid SSL certificate and Domain2 has no certificate. When someone is trying to visit https://Domain2 (domain with no certificate) the SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN browser warning is displayed (for a good reason) but the certificate offered is that of Domain1. I would assume that the certificate offered would/should be the Host Certificate.

I’ve seen some interesting complications with that. When Google visits Domain2 under https, it ignores the certificate warning and indexes Domain1’s content under Domain2. That way, in the Google results there is the description of Domain1 with a link for Domain!

I’ve seen this happening only once and maybe Google has fixed that by now. But yet, is there a way to offer Host Certificate to every https request for the IP or a domain with no certificate?

I have the same problem with the redirection of websites on my servers. Have this issue on vestacp also. Please update if you have more information about this.