V-change-web-domain-docroot causing problematic open_basedir overwrites

I am using Nginx + PHP-FPM 8.1, and I installed a php app into public_html, that has a subfolder “public” which needs to be the document root.

So, I ran
v-change-web-domain-docroot user example.com example.com public

I visit the site and get open_basedir restriction errors, as it is trying to run php files not in the public folder, but within public_html itself.

I load up phpinfo.php and find open_basedir is including:
but not

Ok, so I go to /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/php-fpm/PHP-8_0.tpl and I see that the template has the missing /home/%user%/web/%domain%/public_html that I need included. Puzzled, I add /home/%user%/web/%domain%/public_html/public to this list to see what happens, and in phpinfo.php I end up seeing …/public_html/public/public now included.

It seems that whatever v-change-web-domain-docroot did, it is overriding this phpfpm template and adding /public to any occurance of /public_html… which prevents me from adding just /public_html to the list…

So I gave up doing it right, and I ran v-change-web-domain-docroot user example.com example.com "" so that the open_basedir value went back to include /public_html itself, and I just edited the root in /home/personal/conf/web/food.zebwalker.info/nginx.conf to /public_html/public and my webapp just works perfectly. I know that this temp setup will just get wiped soon as that nginx.conf is auto generated… so I want to know how do what I want properly, and how I can get v-change-web-domain-docroot and the open_basedir settings to play nicely.

I decided something similar by finding incorrect records in the table, it can helphttps://forum.hestiacp.com/t/opencart-4-hestiacp-error-open-basedir/9832/14

your issue seemed to be from migrating an existing mysql db where yeah it had references to old paths. this was a fresh install of an app using a different db system too.

and yeah thanks for trying to help but yeah yours isn’t the same problem. my main problem here is how v-change-web-domain-docroot is causing problematic php settings